Monday, May 22, 2006

another pic of squirt boat for sale

it is in great shape. the outfitting is rigged so it can be romoved/adjusted as need be for heavier layers or lending or whatever.
the scratches on the hull are basically all just cosmetic. no real need to regoo for a long time.
it weighs 23 or 24 pouns with outfitting. light and strong.
i am asking $600 or best offer for this boat.
i have more photos if need be- email me if interested.

located within walking distance to whitewater so you can try it out first.

dig it.

angst squirt boat for sale

6.5 over 7 layup. cut med/low to low for 150#. kevlar in the layup. used as a playboat so there are normal wear and tear scratches on the hull, nothing deep.
homegrown chop and reseam job, looks good and is strong.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

another wave

closeup of some explosive wave action.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

a little wave view

first photo of water this spring.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the last mystery national to date

cowbell got trashed by a hurricane and the seam ain't the same.
yeah, it's not exactly from the rondout or even new york for that matter but it was a great time and i wish i was there now...


underwater. actually, it was taken last year.
i am still going to post photos of winter, so don't expect me to post within season.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

some underwater squirtin video

sweet video of some subaquatic action....check it out, may take a bit to load...

getting married...

so i got engaged to jenny last week. we are very excited...

yeah so the photo isn't of the water, aquatic activites, nor even river wildlife, but you can notice the riverbed behind her...close enough!

Monday, April 03, 2006

an old, scanned photo of travis running the right-side line at little falls

Friday, March 24, 2006

more chemical information

check this out.
the author is genuinely concerned about the status of the local environment. she works locally as an advocate and she gets things done!

hmm...we had the money for the work...and...

who knows what happened to all those funds alloted to ulster county for river cleanup?
as we know, the rondout needs help.
the more of us that get invloved, be it whitewater enthusiast or not, the better the chances we have in getting the river cleaned up.
my thoughts are if more whitewater enthusiasts start paddling this river, then perhaps we will be able to generate enough umph to get some more powerful groups interested (ie fund) the river cleanup.

from what i hear around town, is, that the money was there, but there was not enough local interest in the project, therefore everything just sort of fizzeled out.
the river still remains, though, in a state of environmental imbalance.

check out what moneys were granted to counties in new york in 2004. that's a lot of money to do nothing with.

bottom bubbles

in case you haven't figured it out yet, i like being underwater in rivers.
this is a photo of some bubbles that are living it up amongst the riverbed foliage.

still cold out

so i figured that i would toss in another picture of frozen rondout water. dig.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

we need more paddlers on the rondout creek

there is great kayaking for all levels here.
there is a lot of flat water above the dam.
below the dam offers class II to V whitewater, level depending. there are waves and holes to surf, a big splat rock to have fun with, and spots to wavewheel and even a drop or two.

above all, we need another squirtboater to aid in subaquatic exploration. there are at least 4 mystery move seams on the river, and there are a few more to be discovered. as of now i am the only one in a squirtboat. so take my advice, call ps composites and order yourself one today. if you do, you have my word that i will paddle the rondout with you and show you the goods.

winter is over

so winter is officially over. but i still have winter photos to post. just got my computer back yesterday after the hard drive got fried.

this shot was taken on the rondout creek's bank this february...

the eye ripper

so this photo was taken sometime in 2000 when i was able to take the time and play at the eye ripper basically every day. we were lucky all spring and summer and the rondout creek flowed what seemed like every day. i was about to get worked when this photo was snapped.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

see what chemicals are in rondout creek's whitewater playground...

so the rondout creek used to be in the top 10 superfund sites. one business in particular is pointed out in this report:

there is another great link to the problems that have arised due to the ellenville scrap iron and metal facility, upriver from the usual whitewater run...

it is a load of info...

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

underwater currents

yet another photo of the rondout creek from underwater. this was taken from a section of water where there is a pipe runs from the ground, out from the bank, to just above the surface.
unfortunately, this pipe used to empty sewage into the river. the sewage was from homes based on the road that runs along the creek in high falls. this pipe is no longer used for that, of course, but it is a small reminder of how this creek came to its current pollution status.

Friday, February 24, 2006

chemicals in the water

so many local residents know that the rondout was in the top 10 superfund sites just a few years ago. apparently there was supposed to be some action taken then, but an overall lack of interest (actually, funds!) allowed the potential cleanup project to fizzle out.
i have obtained some info from the cdc and another source, which i will post later, that discusses all the chemicals found in the waterway and even the sources of those chemicals.
some of the chemicals found in the rondout are nitrites, nitrates, benzene, and cadmium. the smell that one can often get a whiff of (especially when the water is warm and low) is sulphur.

more to come....

more underwater

so this photo is taken from the bottom of the rondout creek on a nice warm fall day.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

little falls dewatered, from a squirt boater's point of view

this is the first time i have ever seen little falls without water pouring over it. on this day there was water below the falls since the gate on the river right bank, to the side of the falls, was open as usual.

i have been scoping out the mystery potential for a while but never really tapped into it due to the idea that there is heavy pin potential along the seam. now that i have seen it without water, when the bottom formation can be seen, i think that it is good to go.

at levels of around 13.8 (going of fuzzy memory), the service eddyline is bad news, as there is a whirlpool formed that recirculates things back into the curtain, and around for multiple passes, if not for longer. i have seen a propane tank spend at least fifteen minutes being trashed around in that whirly. i would not want to be there in a boat!

Thursday, February 02, 2006


view of a pourover, from upstream and underneath...rondout creek, ny

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

another photo from beneath the surface...

drifting along...

Monday, January 30, 2006

this is a great spot if you like to paddle a squirt boat.

i have gotten mystery moves off of the river right seam here from levels of around 10.6 to 12.7 feet or so. i have always hit the up button quickly, especially at the higher flows, because this is a very powerful seam and people drown here every year (probably got pushed into the undercut by deep currents). one of my squirting buddies got a 10+ second ride there when we ran the river at around 13. he probably could have stayed down longer, but he wisely came up after a good dip (it also was his only attempt that day).
the river left seam is for quick dunks but the surf is great if the hole is in...

this shot was taken on january 28th.

there are some pretty strange creatures that crawl along the banks of the rondout creek during the winter...

Saturday, January 28, 2006

From above and below the surface...

Welcome to my blog. This will focus on photos of rivers and creeks local to my home. Photos will be of plant life, water formations in the form of waterfalls, currents, and ice (and so on). The blog will also feature photos and postings related to whitewater sports.
Most of these shots that I post will be from the Rondout Creek in New York's Hudson Valley. This creek is environmentally endangered and hopefully my photos will generate some interest in restoring this waterway to better health.
I am also the Streamkeeper for the Roundout Creek and a few other local tributaries, so if you have any questions about any of these rivers, be it for whitewater fun or regarding evironmental concerns, please feel free to post about those topics as well.

mystery zombie